FS -- Gavin White -- Aim High Classic

Hey everybody! On Saturday I competed in the Aim High Classic. I took 1st in both my divisions. My traditional form is Japanese, while the Kumo and Palgwe forms are Korean. Andy and I tied for first, so we had to do our forms again- in the same ring at the same time! It was confusing, but in the end, I still won somehow! ;) In jump front kick, I was able to kick 6'8" off the ground, which got me first place! I have been working with Darien on horse stance. We hold it for 5 minutes daily. And my endurance has gone up! I am not as tired in the end and soon I will start increasing the time. We are also working on flexibility. When I try to push on him when he reaches forward, I do the same amount of work that I would trying to push over a school bus. My flexibility is great though! I pretty much have full splits on all sides, and I am good in other stretches too. Keep working on your binders, the power weekend is in less than a month.

  • Gavin White
Posted on March 24, 2015 .