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It was great to have a free weekend this close to the end of the test. We took advantage of it and hiked in to Soda Peaks Lake. We have wanted to do this hike for a while and it just never worked out. We chose it because the trail head is only a 2 hour drive and the hike in was relatively short for a lots of beauty (solitude, lake, break from the weekend heat). We were taken off guard on the trip in because the hike was brutally steep and we were exhausted when we reached the summit. The trail runs down into the saddle between the two peaks and ends at the lake. On Saturday we made the trek around the lake entirely and back to our campsite. This morning when we hiked out - we had the do the reverse - hard trip up and then super steep coming back down. Hard on the knees and had a few slips. We were sweating buckets!

We posted a few pics on the Ethos FB page - might be a good spot to consider for a future BB Backpacking trip! Not as far as Power Within and not as high elevation as Dare to Dream but definitely worth it!

BSBN Jessica & BSNB John

Posted on September 7, 2014 .