FK-Becky Gillock-What a great week!

Hey my fellow Ethos's testers! I have to say this week has just been great in my training and personal life. I'm not sure what corner I turned but everyday I found something to be so thankful for even though I didn't get to go to class on Monday but that's okay. I think I made up for it with the Ethos Saturday morning training in Gresham that never fails to kick my butt thanks to Master Caldwell. Anyway I've been able to keep up with all the push ups, sit ups, squats, form reps and I DIDN'T FORGET TO BLOG THIS WEEK! yay! I'm looking forward to another great week of training with Master Null and always looking forward to seeing all of you. You all play a huge roll in my life and in my training from white belts just starting out to black belts moving up in rank. We all inspire each other to aspire to unimaginable heights. I've sure come a long way my self. I never, in my life, imagined I'd be where I am today and I could go on and on but I need to save some of this for other blogs. Good night everyone, see you this week!

Posted on September 7, 2014 .