FS- Zoe Ahrendt- Organize Organize

Journal #36

        School has started and I’m really starting to organize my day a

lot more! From being able to handle school work and martial arts work… it will be a challenge UNLESS I keep focused and stay organized. In fact I modeled my school binder to be similar to my black-belt binder because I love the layout of my black-belt binder so much! I’m also getting better with using my Ipod as a way to keep track of things and having “digital folders” on my computer as well.

But being organized I feel is a huge part of the black-belt test mainly because it is so important to stay on top of all the black-belt events, classes, curriculum, requirements and so much more!!

Anyways this was just a little note that I made today and just had to share with the team!

8 more weeks!! We got this Ethos Team!!


Posted on September 3, 2014 .