FS Kaelan Reagan Blog 38 /The last Saturday workout!

Hello Ethos!

Yesterday was the final Saturday workout and I think that it was an awesome last workout! I was especially excited at the end to see several candidate's open forms. Very cool!

I think I'm really happy with my workout. I was comfortable standing up and helping lead the workout while KJN was working with the black belts. I know that my sidekicks are getting stronger and better,thanks to working on them in my garage at home so much. I also know that my self defense moves are really solid. How do I know this? Because after the workout officially ended,both of my Moms came onto the mat and did attacks with me. They didn't make it easy on me at all! They were very realistic with their attacks and they didn't let go very easily. One of the attacks,Patty came behind me and got me in a bear hug. I wasn't expecting that,because Mom had been working on hay makers and chokes. She startled me for a second,but then I reacted and really fought back hard! I actually gave my Mom a little fat lip and she has a cut over her lip now. When it happened,I got upset because Ryan had already gotten hurt when we did sticks earlier. I hate to feel like I hurt someone I know! However, my mom assured me that it was OK,and that she was very proud of the fact that I was intense like that! Mom and I also worked on ground defenses. She reminded me that she weighs a lot more than me,and that I actually used my techniques and my muscles to get her off for real. She didn't just roll off-I got her off! Taylor and JaeJae gave my Mom a break and helped me for a few minutes on ground defenses as well. Thank you so much for that!

We have next weekend off, but Mom and I already discussed a plan for working out when I go to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Battle Ground. Also,the numbers on my 10,000 challenge are soooo close I can taste it! Mom said I could back off on a few of the exercises and still go over 10,000. I want to keep up the numbers I've been doing,so I can smash 10,000!!!!

I hope that you're all ready for the 11th!!!


Posted on September 28, 2014 .