blog # 34 FINAL MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am nervous for this final month over training but I will do it. I am excited for the 18th because it is the sleep over. I am excited because it looks like we are going on a run this is going to be so fun.😃 I am really nervous for October because there is a lot going on that month and the final test is so close witch makes it heart stopping. I am just wondering if we are going to walk on fire, like they have in the past I found out today, thank you Darius. I am nervous for October 11th because that is the secret event and I am excited because it looks like we will be working on something whitch will be really fun if we do work. I am nervous for grading day because you are getting graded and that is my worst nightmare ahhhh. It has been a long journey to get here and I can't wait to experience this final month with all these adventures with my whole Ethos team.

Posted on September 27, 2014 .