blog #33

This week in school my friend Kylee got punched in the stomach. I felt really bad so I asked her if she was ok a couple times. I felt so bad, my mom thought that I would punch him back, but I didn't. It is not nice and I thought what do you gain hitting somebody, nothing, so I didn't punch him back. I felt good asking Kylee if she was ok because it was nice. It made me feel good by making sure she was ok.

My mom got a text from her mom and she said that I was super cool and very nice for checking on her. My mom was very proud of me. The text made me feel embarrassed because I was put on the spot like that. Today the same kid punched me in the stomach and I still didn't punch him back I just went home and told my mom. I have had a discussion with my mom and we have said if this happens again that we will go to there house and have a talk.

Martial arts has allowed me to react like this. The 5 steps have allowed me to react like this, I have used my mind and my legs and my words. I used my mind by thinking what it would do if I did hit him. I used my legs by biking away on my bike. I used my words by telling him no.

Posted on September 26, 2014 .