FS-Taylor Williams-Age is Just a Number

Journal #33

Age it just a number. It's a phrase usually heard on birthdays referring to people challenging aging, but in this case, that's not my point. Aim High is amazing (in lots of ways but we'll focus on this one) at bringing people together to train. It creates an environment that you can't find anywhere else. We have kids, and teenagers, and adults, and short people, and tall people, and locals, and people from other places, and so on and so forth. Each time I've tested for a black belt degree, it has been a life changing experience in many ways, but especially in the people I train with. This is one of the only experiences in the world where a fifteen year old and a thirty year old can train together, learn together, and grow together. And it's not weird, there's no "age barrier". I can't say that I know of anyone else my age who is friends with an adult who is not a relative or "family friend", but I can honestly say that since my first black belt test in 2009, I have friends who are adults. And I treasure that for the wisdom of experience they give me, for the advice, for the laughs. It's unusual and unexpected and wonderful. So I guess age really is just a number.


Posted on September 23, 2014 .