FS-RIley E- #14

So I have been really swamped lately, its getting to an annoying point for me. I know its very close to the final stages of the Black Belt test, and its only the start of my last semester but I'm being hammered with assignments. It's hard for me to put school before my training, although I do know that this is the last few month that I will actually be able to finish up school as well. Its kind of funny, two things I have been working progressively on for a long time, the institutionalized education and Martial arts and now one is coming to end and the other is just beginning. Just have to remind myself, that once I finally finish and get my degree, I will be able to focus on everything that is really important to me.

I have this kinda of urge I get every once in a while. Usually when, when I am gone somewhere for a while and I don't really have control of the time and usually its not spent exercising. I get really wound up and need to move, anything, even running in which I dread. I get stressed out as well, not entirely from not being able to exercise, but from other factors stressing me and exercise is usually the main form I do to relieve myself. So now with not being able to actually do my training plan each week, due to crazy assignments and hairline deadlines, my stress level is building. Luckily I have found a way to at least control these urges while I have to study for 4 hour durations. Usually I never get a satisfied feeling at the end of the week, if I don't train both lifting in the gym and training martial arts which includes classes as well as practicing tricking at Impact. For that combination is pretty much the main and biggest ingredients to my

overall happiness in life.

So now having to focus a lot on my studies I do two different things. Firstly to relax and control my focus I practice with my Jo Staff in my room with my music playing until I am in control of my emotions. Then I start to exercise with the little equipment that I have. I really want to invest in a 60 pound kettle bell though to open up a lot of exercises. Although I own, a good amount of resistant bands, two 10 pound plates, and two five pound plates, a pair of parallel bars and a nice pillow when I am trying for my 3min headstand. It turns into a high rep, resistance exercise with a lot of holding and core stabilization. I also have loop bands, in which I could perform the fun exercise of jump squats to pike push-ups for 15mins, although I try to be nice to my neighbors every once in a while.

Although this isn't enough to give myself a satisfied feeling at the end of the week, its good enough so that feeling isn't a sour one. On a side note, I am really excited for the testing process in October. I've always wanted a team based training session that lasts for a long time, or went off to a training camp kind of thing and trained all together. Since I never made the cut for varsity level sports I was never able to participate in that. So I will probably be super happy all the time without able to contain my excitement.

~Riley E III

Posted on September 23, 2014 .