FS - Jessica Leitner 32nd Blog

5 weeks and counting. This test is hands down the toughest of my three but not for the reasons you might think. At 44, with two teenagers the challenges this time are less about the physical or the techniques and all about time management, stress levels, commitment and execution. There is a reason the first AH test ever was called Make It Happen. Because that is simply what one must do. You can't say that you are committed to something and that means "everything" to you and then not follow through on it. Your behavior shows that it really doesn't mean all that much to you.

But how do you reconcile when testing means "everything" to you...but so do your children, your family, & doing a good job at work. You simply cannot be everywhere and do everything at once. I'm already thinking about advice to older advanced testers and honestly if I was giving myself advice last Dec I might have talked myself out of it. It is hard to say - I do not regret any of the sacrifices or the time spent on the mat this year. I am glad I did it. And being this close to the end, there is no way I would quit. This belt will carry special meaning. It carries a different kind of sacrifice. I hope to be as proud of it as I am the others.

BSBN Jessica

Posted on September 23, 2014 .