FS - Samantha Logan - Journal #8

So much to do, so little time. These days, I'm beginning to think that phrase is the understatement of all time. However, this year I have learned so much about simply taking everything one day at a time. I've been so good at keeping things organized pretty much my entire life, that I never thought I'd get to the point I was at only a couple months ago. Being disorganized is perhaps the single most depressing and stressful state that could ever occur in my life, and this summer proved that I needed to change my perspective on how to approach life in general, and work to regain a sense of control...the first step is getting out of bed in the morning. :)

I am so grateful to the Ethos team for supporting me after I revealed my situation and asked to rejoin the team. The last couple weeks of being back in black belt class have been exciting and recharging. I LOVE being on the mat again, and I am getting very excited about testing next month. I still need to rep things out A LOT, so if anyone is willing and able to train with me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Even though I'm getting married this coming Sunday, I'll still be in Black Belt class tonight and Wednesday night, and at a modified special training with the 3rd degree candidates on Saturday morning, and I'm hoping to get in some training on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at some point. I'll be posting on the FB page to see if anyone wants to join me during some specific times.

As I said before, I am very grateful to the team for their support, and I can't wait to test alongside all of you in just a matter of weeks!

~BSBN Samantha

Posted on September 22, 2014 .