FS- Blog 37/ Fitness Evaluation #3

Hi Ethos! Saturday was awesome! Not only did everyone around me do very well,I managed to improve on all of my numbers!

Just like my runs,I've improved every time. The reason why is because I'm practicing outside of the studio and becoming stronger. That means I can not only do more exercises. I am able to do better quality exercises,which is even more important!

Here are my numbers:

Push ups- 36= improved by 6

Sit ups- 100= improved by 50!

Squats-60(that's one a second,I don't think I could go any faster= improved by 6

Burpees- 33 =improved by 10

Plank- 2 minutes,30 seconds= improved by 28 seconds

Some of you may have noticed that I pulled up during the tabatas. I have been fighting pretty bad pain in the back of my leg. It feels like fire. I was trying to keep going,but I started to cry a little because it hurt so badly. I definitely want to thank Jae Jae and Serena for their words of encouragement when this happened! They didn't ignore me, they saw that I was in trouble and they stepped up to cheer me on. Thanks you,teammates!

When it was all over, my Mom and I sat down after everybody left and we had a talk about me getting upset. KJN Jeremy has made it a focus for me that I not be too hard on myself,and that's what I had started to do. He gave me a good talk and so did my Mom. I am very proud of my achievements and shouldn't be upset with myself because I wanted to do a 3 minute plank and didn't make it. My mom reminded me that I did double the sit ups that I did last time,so my muscles were already getting a bigger workout. We went home and after I took a shower, my mom rubbed down the back of my legs.It feels good,but it kinda hurts at the same time,if you can imagine that! Mom said I really need to make sure I'm stretching the hamstrings better and maybe we need to find me some compression shorts. It gets frustrating to be in pain so close to the end of our test. I don't want anything stopping me now!!

You all rocked, Ethos!


Posted on September 22, 2014 .