FS-Darius Salagean-Phase 4 week

This week was amazing! We had both our phase test and the board breaking week. During our phase test, I saw everyone doing their best and giving their all. Sadly we didn’t have the cinder block set up so I couldn’t break until Wednesday. When I did get to break them, I wasn’t able to break all 4 on my first try, but I did manage to break the very bottom one! Then, even though my hand hurt, I went ahead and broke the last 3. At the final event on Saturday, I got to break bricks! It was also master Null’s birth day so he let me write Happy B-day on his 6 foot board that he broke. I got to break 2 bricks this year and I’m hoping that I can break 3 next year.

Posted on September 21, 2014 .