blog # 32 (Sorry but I have two # 8 blogs and # 25 blogs.)

My most memorable moment in this black belt test is the black belt campout because of the hike because I think it was dangerous and I fell and I scared me a lot. I think that I did good on the hike especially on the rocks those were hard for me but I did it. I did good on the hike by not getting scared when I am up really high. I think going down the trail went much faster than going up the trail because it was down hill. Something that really made me laugh was when Robyn was hopping down the trail. The rocks going down were tricky too because you had to side step down the rocks or slide your butt down the rocks witch is a bigger risk of slipping and falling down the cliff. After the hike when I got back to my tent my feet hurt like crazy. And then I ate some chilly and then ran over to play with everybody. The nite's were hard because we were right by a high way and the cars and the trains killed me until I took a walk and then I knocked right out.

Posted on September 21, 2014 .