blog #29

This summer was awesome we went to Pittsburgh and Washington DC. Then some cousins came over this summer and we did a lot of other fun stuff. In Pittsburgh we were there for the 4th of July and we just had to sit in my Grandmas front yard and we had an amazing view right there of the fire works. On the 4th of july we got to run around with sparklers and my Grandpa even bought smoke bombs an those things made a lot of smoke all together. We also went to Kennywood and that was fun because it is an amusement park and we rode almost all the roller coasters I think and they were all really fun. My favorite roller coaster was the sky rocket and my favorite part was that it went fast at the beginning and then It had a lot of curves and hills. I also went to Washington DC and that was so much fun. I love history so DC was like heaven because of all of the Museums and I especially the Dulles National Air and Space Museum it was so cool seeing the black bird and one of the planes that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I could really go on for ever. I also saw the Lincoln Memorial the Arlington National Cemetery and I saw the changing of the guard. I even got a tour of the Capital as well and the best thing was I did this all with my family.
Some of my cousins came over to my house for about a week and that was fun because you got to know them and I think that was pretty cool because they live all the way across america so it was nice for them to come here for a change. It was fun having them here because we got to show them around and I thought that was fun but I think we over whelmed them. When my cousins were here we went to Multnomah falls and It was beautiful down there.

Posted on September 21, 2014 .