blog #27

This morning I did my fit eval I did good but I could do better on everything. I could have done more pushups my goal was 100 but I didn't do that much yet. On my sit ups I did 63 because I thought KJN said to stop so I didn't get to my goal of over 80. My squats did better than last time. My burpies were higher than last time also so that was good. My plank was disappointing I only got 2:30 and my last plank was 5:03 so I going to try to figure out what happened. I think that everybody did very good and Brandon and Kaelan did very good because they were injured. I'm going to work on my plank and the other exercises in the fit eval and I'll work on the exercises by doing them more often at home so I can beet my record of 5:03 and all my other exercises.

Posted on September 20, 2014 .