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Familiarity without Informality

This year there are multiple students at Aim High who will be attending HS 2 where I teach and even more who will be in my actual classroom. This will be a first for me. Working with students, where there is a clear hierarchy, and then training with those same students on the mat where we are all equal. In the military there is a saying "Familiarly without Informality". This means that it is okay to be familiar with someone and to know them in a more social way, but it is not okay to be familiar with them in a setting where the structure is important. For example I might be friends with my commanding officer outside of the military but I should never call him by his first name when we are in uniform or in front of the troops. So for all of my aim high "students" be sure that you remember this. I am BSBN John to you at Aim High but I will be Mr. Leitner at school.

Welcome back and lets have a great year! BSBN & Mr. Leitner

Posted on September 2, 2014 .