FS - Jessica Leitner 27th Blog

Had a great week and weekend over labor day - plenty (too much) to do but wanted time to relax. John and I took the Kayaks to Oaks Bottom. I haven't been in the Willamette near the city for a really long time and it was a huge challenge to keep up with the current and to manage the wake from all the motor craft. Usually I am pretty confident in the water but this time I found I had to hug the shore just to manage to keep upright. This presented a different set of problems for me since there are so many swimmers and dogs near the bank. We got several good rows in and made it pretty far down to Ross Island. I am glad we did it - not quite as relaxing as other trips but definitely a good work out and an memorable experience. See you all Tuesday!

BSBN Jessica

Posted on September 2, 2014 .