FS - Jessica Leitner 30th Blog

Phase Testing Oh boy. Well it started off that I didn't realize the test was Monday night. I thought it was Wednesday because that was the date originally set. We were not planning to go to class Monday night because Sarah had a soccer game. Then I saw the FB post about the test and I was like EEK we have to get to the studio! We raced over there without dinner and just made it in time. I felt good about the material until we got to the flow drill. LOL I know all of those parts but I could not remember the order. I was partnered with Brandy and we figured we could just get out there and move through transitions until we had it right. Kwanje has been saying that for the upper ranks this test is less about being exact on the material and more about making things work for you so we knew if we could demonstrate the scissor, bump & roll, half guard and breaking the guard we would be okay even if we didn't do it exactly perfectly. For the testers who froze....hang in there. It has happened to ALL OF US at one time or another along our journey. Learn from it and remember what BKJN Dan always says: I need to see you give it 110%. So even if it is wrong, do it full out. You get points for that!

BSBN Jessica

Posted on September 17, 2014 .