FS. Kaelan Reagan 35/ board breaking

Hello Ethos!

As some of you may already know, I struggle with board breaking. My mom got me the re-breakable boards to practice with. There are 4, but I've been practicing on three of them with both of my moms. I've already practiced with them several times since they came. I think I've already improved a lot! I'm not just working on my basic palm strikes and side kicks.I've been practicing using a push kick,a jump front kick,a pop up front kick,an axe kick,and a back kick. I want to know that I can break things different ways without worrying about it hurting. It helps to have the different thicknesses that I can build up to. I'm going to keep practicing until I'm 100 percent improved and I will:
* remember to always follow through all the way. Don't hit the board,hit through the board.
* breathe and use a good loud kiup.
* not get nervous before breaking.
not get frustrated when I don't break the board.
shake my hand after palm strikes and look like it's really painful after breaking.

See you all Satuday!!


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Posted on September 16, 2014 .