FS-Taylor Williams-Making a Difference

Journal #31

Yesterday, Zoe and I met up to put the finishing touches on our children's guide to stopping bullying picture book. We got her drawings (which are amazing, by the way) scanned into the computer and fit it with the text. By the time we finished, it looked like a real book, I'm so excited for it to get here (sometime around September 30th), so that we can start getting it out into the community. Finally seeing this part of our project nearing completion is a great feeling, it makes all of our work feel real, like it means something. Once the book comes in, and we get our final pamphlets printed, we are working to get them implemented into the community both inside and outside of Aim High, where it can make a difference. I know that we can't stop the bullying issue over night, but we can help to abolish it as a problem over time with the help of the community.


Posted on September 15, 2014 .