FS- t-berg New Middle School. #12

This school year I got selected to attend HS2 (health and Science) Option School. I was really looking forward to a new school and looking forward to gaining more education materials. But once school started I realized I don't have any of my friends from my other school around me or know that much students at this school. I know Jae, Grayson and Darius but that was about it. I felt alone and gotten lost many times trying to find my classes not to get tardy from classes. I miss my friends, I miss laughing wit them and enjoying social life. I am slowly trying to make new friends but it can be a bit difficult. I still hang out with Jae and Grayson most of the time. We hang out so much that a kid asked if us 3 are related like if we were brother and sisters! So we tell them "yes" we are all adopted. I had to change my attitude to accept what I wanted from the beginning. I also have Mr. Leitner as one of my teachers. I love my academics at this school and love doing the homework that is given to me because it makes me use a lot of problem solving skills and thinking skills. Slowly I will make more friends and be comfortable again. t-berg out.

Posted on September 15, 2014 .