FS- Jaelynn Asuncion- Cause and event

This past weekend was Cause and Event, which was a blast. It was cool event because we did not just run the 5k we also performed in the event. The run course had a LOT of hills. There were different surfaces that we ran on like ,the road, gravel, pavement, and the sidewalk. During the run we were very motivating to one another. Like every once in a while reciting "Attitude" by Charles Swindoll or yelling the the theme of our test and our affirmations. We did not cross the finish line without our teammates ,so when the first group got to the finish line we ran back to get our teammates then crossed the finish line together. After the run we helped by handing out Aim High flyers and then later we performed.

Congratulations to BSBN Brandy who got second in the 10k Masters!!!! Also great job to everyone who participated in the event!!!! :]

----- Jae Jae

Posted on September 15, 2014 .