FS-Taylor Williams-Cause and Event Run

Journal #29

Yesterday was a great day for the Ethos team! We started out early, and those of us who rode the shuttle bus to the run played a game show with the knowledge base. KJN even brought the out the buzzer button system for us to use. The actual run itself went really well too, we stayed together as a team until we were separated about half way. The front half of the team that I was in was very positive, we were full of energy. When we made it to the final stretch, the volunteers cheering us on and complimenting us on our teamwork. We made a pact not to cross the finish line without our entire team, so we stopped about 10 feet before it (people kept yelling to us to go through the arc that marked the finish line), caught our breath, and ran back to finish with the rest of the team. It made me proud to know that we were the only cause to work as a team in such a way. The rest of the team was still going strong, and we all crossed the finish line together. Then came the part of the event that I was most nervous about- Zoe and my speech about our sphere of influence project. I have never enjoyed public speaking, but since I've been pushing myself to practice it, I've been getting better speaking and getting less nervous. The first part of phase 4 testing, our public performance, went great as well. Overall, it was an awesome day for the Ethos testing team!


Posted on September 14, 2014 .