FS Kaelan Reagan 33/ Cause and Event Run

Hello Ethos!

Yesterday was the third 5k I have run for our black belt journey! I'm very happy with my performance. My time was right around 37 minutes (I don't remember how many seconds). While it was a little slower than the 34:55 I ran at the Beaverton Sun Run,as many of you experienced,this one was definitely not the flat surface that the other runs were! I felt a bit warmer this time,probably because it was such a hot day so fast. However, the best news is that I didn't have to stop to walk once!! I jogged the whole time. I think that is a good accomplishment.

Looking back at the 3 runs I have completed, these were my results:

Shamrock Run 40:27

Beaverton Sun Run 34:55

Cause and Event 37:??

Like I've said before,I know I was never really a running person. Until I started running more with the Ethos team,I always struggled with things like my breathing and keeping my pace. I admit I struggled the most with my attitude toward running. So,I want to thank all of you for your support and training tips. I want to say that BSBN Brandy, BSBN Jessica and Darius' mom were all very big helps to me in some way or another! I want to thank the rest of the Ethos team for keeping me motivated and I want to thank my Moms.

Even though this test is almost over,I know my journey has just begun.


Posted on September 14, 2014 .