FS- Chelsea Weigelt- Blog #10

Cause and Event- What a great event today! The concept of letting everyone run for all of their different causes in one race was such a great way to bring people together. I loved the part of mile 2 where all of the signs were lining that downhill slope... And I also loved the downhill slope :). The energy today was great, it was so fun for aim high to be a presence the way that it was. There was a great moment in the race towards the very end where we had definitely made an impact on one of the volunteers. When we ran by the first time the team was reciting Attitude together. As we ran by the second time he mentioned Attitude as he cheered us on at the final stretch. That moment hit me as such an out of the dojo into the world example. I was more nervous that I expected to be about the public performance aspect of today. I'm glad we had that opportunity before the 'Main event'. Our Forged team did not do a public performance so it was good to have a little practice. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow as a team as we hit the home stretch these last few weeks!

Posted on September 13, 2014 .