FK-Yesmin Chua - Week 7

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  Long time no seen my lovely TKD people!! This week I did 2

regular TKD classes on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday not everyone answered Master Null with; "Yes Sir", so we had to do 100 push-ups- on his count!! We sure did learn our lesson. For sparring I did Wednesday class. On Friday class I overdid myself and got dizzy (@^@)/!! The next day (Saturday) Coach Donna, Miss Alison, Andy and I went to Vancouver, WA for sparring practice at Master Browning's TKD place. There, I sparred Jackie, Jackson, Eva, Finn, and other of Master Browning's students. I enjoyed it a lot because it was good to spar other people than the people at Aim High. After that we all went for sushi. Here are some pics:

Yesmin Chua

Posted on September 12, 2014 .