FS-Taylor Williams-Istanbul Days 6-9

Journal #24

While the first few days in London were wonderful, the adventure part of the trip didn't start until we set off for Istanbul, Turkey. My mom, sister, and I left a day ahead of my dad, which turned out to be a very, very long day. Our flight from London to Frankfurt, Germany was good and the service at the Frankfurt airport was outstanding. However, our second flight was delayed a half hour (which isn't so bad except that the plane missed its spot in the line up and we spent an additional two hours in the plane waiting to take off). Needless to say it was a test of patience, but, on the bright side I had a chance to catch up and sleep and fully recover from jetlag. We had a great couple days in Istanbul. It was very different from the other places in Europe that I have been before. We saw all of the usual tourist attractions: Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the spice market and the Grand Bazaar, but we also got to experience more of the local places thanks to a local colleague of my dad's who showed us around. In the evening of Day 7, we had the opportunity to take a ferry across the Bosporus Sea to the Asian half of Istanbul where we sampled some local delicacies. It was delicious! My favorite part of Istanbul was visiting the Grand Bazaar, a huge indoor bargaining market. It displayed Turkish culture, which is so unique, in an amazing way. I even got to try to bargain with a salesman (to no avail, unfortunately). It was a great experience to be able to visit such a different and fascinating place.


Posted on September 1, 2014 .