FS-Taylor Williams-Athens Day 11

Journal #25

The day our cruise ship docked in Athens, Greece was the hottest of our trip, however, it was also one of the more interesting historically. We started the day early (before the main heat of the day) and walked around the more modern town of Athens to the Acropolis Museum, where they house many pieces found in area as well as pieces that have fallen off the buildings of the Acropolis. My sister and I have both learned about Ancient Greece in school and so it was especially amazing to see and read about hundreds of artifacts used thousands of years ago. From there we set off on the approximately 2 mile hike up the ancient, steep, limestone "hill" (it should be called a mountain) that is the Acropolis. Eventually, we made it to the top where we got to see the Parthenon from about as close as you can get. It was amazing to stand on top of the Acropolis and look out over the city, I think that seeing these pieces of the past make history that much more interesting.


Posted on September 1, 2014 .