FS - John Leitner 13th Blg

While away this past week I finished a really amazing book about a boy from Sierra Leone who was rescued from the child army there. It was called A Long Way Gone: Memories of a boy soldier. Most of the parts of the book were really hard to read and if you didn't know it was a true story you could not believe that these things really happen out there in the world. Children are ripped from their families in poor villages and forced to take drugs and serve in the militia. There is a civil war there and they need soldiers. They are brainwashed and few survive. Some of this was depicted in the movie Blood Diamond with Leo DiCaprio.

In this story the boy was rescued by the UN and rehabilitated. It a took a year before he was even able to be in society again. And now he is telling his story so that we can understand and be more aware of the problems in that world and its culture. He has been asked to speak to the UN leaders about the conflict there so that as humanitarians we can take action.

Reading this book really made me appreciate the life and freedoms we have. We take so much for granted here in the US. I am so grateful for my healthy and safe children.


Posted on August 8, 2014 .