FS - John Leitner 12th Blg

By 2nd degree affirmation was "This is my sanctuary". For me that means the river and not just the dojo. This summer I took up fly fishing. A new hobby for me. I think rivers are so amazing and when I am out in the water in my waders, and the cold water hits my muscles, I am at peace. Fly fishing is difficult - and like any hobby you need the proper gear to make it work. And you have to concentrate. At my age learning new things is tough but worth it. I believe everyone should remain a lifelong learner.

I went out with a guide my first time who showed me the ropes. I had fun exploring the river from the middle in stead of being stuck on the shore and casting in. I also like looking at the different flies and it is amazing how they can tie string and feathers to look like different bugs. Fish aren't very smart....I had some bites but didn't keep any. On the river it is catch and release. I like eating the fish but in a way I feel like it is more respectful to return them to the river.

Looking forward to getting back on the mat.


Posted on August 8, 2014 .