FK-Becky Gillock-Crazy season

At the beginning of the year I had high hopes looking forward to this being my "black belt year" something I've looked forward to since I began as a white belt. It would seem that this year has brought about many changes not only in my self and my family but in many close friends that we are surrounded by as well. I wish I could say it's been enjoyable year but it's been very trying. These are the times that bring about growth and that is the ONLY way I can look at it to understand why we experience what we do. I look at this as being a part of my test and I'm convincing my self that when the test is complete I will be able to look back at this year and say wow what an accomplishment! Through all of this I have forged forward fighting a recent lack of motivation in my training but refusing to let anything stand in my way including frequent long drives, fighting traffic to get to mine or my kid's classes at AH. I'm not going to lie, It's been difficult to fit every expectation and requirement of this black belt test into my busy life and not allow some things to fall through the cracks such as REMEMBERING TO BLOG! Anyway from here on out I will try to remember to keep up on this part of the test.

Posted on August 31, 2014 .