FK - Sean Smith – Journal #5

 This week, I took a break from training as I was on vacation for the majority of the week.  When I started working out again this morning, I felt revitalized and now feel that the short break was actually very useful for me.  
 For over a year now, I have been going to both Taekwondo, along with Taekwondo sparring on Wednesdays,  and Fusion classes.  But as I began working through the curriculum for the Taekwondo black belt (adding two hours of training on Fridays, I think I have been doing too much.  

 My weekly schedule since receiving my poom belt was as follows:  Monday evening – Taekwondo, Tuesday afternoon – Fusion, Wednesday evening – Taekwondo sparring class and Taekwondo class, Thursday afternoon –Fusion, Friday evening –skills and drills class and sparring class.  After sparring on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for a couple of weeks, I really started to break down.  I realize that I need to make sure that I do not overdo it.  I will miss the Tuesday/Thursday noon Fusion classes.  If anyone has a schedule that allows him/her to attend the noon class and is looking for a high intensity workout, I highly recommend Teacher John’s Tuesday/Thursday Fusion class.
Posted on August 29, 2014 .