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hello team

While I went back home to visit my family back in NM to make sure my grandma was feeling better I made sure I ate right, exercise everyday and did my forms early in the morning. My grandparents followed me to Las Vegas for the Sin City Rumble tournament because my grandparents don't go to Vegas again more so they thought it was a great family trip and to watch me during my tournament. On Friday at the tournament I competed in Open Weapon forms, Tradition Weapon forms. I also fought my best in Continuous Sparring division and got 1st place!! I was so afraid of my competitors because they are as good or better than I am but talking to my family, coach Mark and Coach Logan I believed in myself, focus on my sparring drills and pretending that I was at Aim High. On Saturday I did Point Sparring, traditional forms and I got 3rd's in most of my divisions. I did a team form with Coach Logan and we got 2nd place. I trained with a few other black belt kids from Utah and California. After the tournament day was over I spent time with my family including my grandparents. We laughed and walked a lot. I am glad my grandparents got to see what I love to do and I really love martial arts. Not just because I love to compete but I also make tournament friends from different states, I love that I can show them I know all my forms and I get a lot of feedback from different coaches or Judges. Everyone is very respectful when we talk and I love making my martial arts friends becoming my martial arts family. It is also good to know where my friends live and know about their cultural background. We chat on Facebook, instagram or even texting to talk about our week schedule or if we need help with motivation or knowing who will be at the next tournament. t-berg out!!

I am sorry for coping KJN name. I didn't not proofread the blog. t-berg out.

Posted on August 28, 2014 .