FS- Taylor Williams- Bully Project

Journal #22

As most of you are aware, for our sphere of influence projects, Zoe and I have teamed up to build an anti-bullying campaign in the community. We spent about a total of 12 hours on Sunday and Monday, brainstorming, typing, formatting, and refining the pieces. So far we have completed rough drafts of our three pamphlets, each designed for a different age group (middle school, high school, and adult). We were able to find a lot of useful information and visual aids to help magnify the impact of the message to stop bullying. My favorite part of the project, however, is still in the works. Zoe and I re making a picture book for elementary school aged kids and younger to explain bullying in different way than they would have heard before. It's going to be really cool because Zoe is an amazing artist, so she will hand draw all of the pictures and I'm pretty good at writing, so I'm working on the words. When our project is complete, we are working to get it implemented in as many classrooms and clubs as possible to spread awareness and, hopefully, produce a result.


Posted on August 26, 2014 .