FS-Riley E- #11

      I realize things always usually the same things, they just come and present themselves in different ways. Before when I broke my foot I couldn't train for 2 months and then afterwards the rehabilitation took forever. When I popped my knee cap out, the rehabilitation took even longer, I could still train but was never at my best. I have a problem of not knowing when to rest, its a bad habit that I haven't fully tried to overcome. A way I thought could work, but really can't since it just improves the risk on injury. Was to, have hybrid schedule of training. Basically, I love to train I have good days and bad days with anything I do, but I love to push myself to new boundaries and gain different techniques along the way. On a typical week, I train at Aim High for two classes per each day back to back on Mondays and Wednesdays, I rest an hour and then proceed to Impact where I practice tricking for another hour and a half. I get to sleep around midnight and wake at 9am, then I go and lift for an hour an half or more depending on which muscle group is being targeted that day. Either I would have Aim High later that night or I would try and work on my explosive power and endurance by doing HIT exercises on some mountain trails.            Now the problem that usually surfaces is when I get injured during one of those. So like right now, my foot is injured and I can't practice my 540's since the pressure on my right foot hurts when I land with a lot of impact. I injured my foot by getting too overly excited during kicking whilst I was in class. My right hand's wrist is injured from trying out my grip strength and going rock climbing without safety equipment. Now, I am certified instructor for rope training, however it was a dumb idea for myself to adventure on a rock that I never visited before, thus resulting in falling from a high position and having no other choice but to catch myself and hyper twisting my wrist around. Now recently I have injured the right part of my upper neck, although it was sore before I just thought tricking wouldn't bother it. Well now it is a bit tweaked and I am trying to sooth it a bit.             Like my previous post, I am trying to balance everything. I guess these series of injuries have told me again, that I need to further prioritize and balance my training as well. Like not doing an exhaust set of high pulls to max weight before I go tricking the next day. Or while in class do an exercise that may be different than the one assigned to try and put the stress on something else that isn't tweaked. The biggest thing too, is to do an activity that gives the same fulfillment that doesn't involve any physical strain to my body. Then finally to relax and know, that I can train for life if I slow down and let myself rest. 

~Riley E

Posted on August 24, 2014 .