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Catch up and a long week.

Sometimes when you have a vision for things, you can't move forward because that vision depends on others participation. Sheer will can take you far but to really succeed others need to buy in and support your vision. Some people are called early adapters. They get it right away and get on board. But those people can burn out when others in a group are dragging behind. Most people come along slowly - gradually seeing a different and often better way. Some leave right away because they don't agree. And still some others talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

This week has been a long one. The Aloha Project, which is part of my 3rd Degree test, is one such vision. And we have been slowly but surely moving forward and shaking out the believers from the non believers. Sometimes I get discouraged. And then I remember that it takes courage and faith to see something through, especially when you are going first.

This week at rotary we had a speaker from Jim and Patty's coffee house. These are the founders of coffee people - they bought and sold and failed multiple times at the coffee business before finally working it out. They ran Motor Moka - the very first drive through coffee in the nation. It went bankrupt. Today that seems impossible right? Because where would we be without drive through coffee? Someone had to go first. Try. Fail, Try again. Succeed. This is what I tell myself on the long days....

BSBN Jessica

Posted on August 22, 2014 .