FK - Sean Smith – Journal #2

While the name Joe “Bean” Esposito might not be familiar to many, students at Aim High are most certainly familiar with Mr. Esposito’s voice; one of his songs, “You’re the Best,” is frequently played over the sound system at the dojang.  This particular song is best associated with the 1984 film The Karate Kid.   One theme that is explored in this particular film is how the wrong dojo or dojang (The Cobra Kai dojo in the film) can have a negative effect on individuals.      One of the crucial moments in developing as a martial artist is choosing a place to study.  For most, this choice is made before the practitioner has learned a single kick or punch, and for many, this choice is made not based on anything related to martial arts.  Rather, the decision comes down to factors such as price or convenience.   Students, as they prepare to test for their black belts, seek proficiency in the curriculum that has been presented to them over their years of study; the curriculum and methods taught for retention thereof, for the most part, are unique to the school that the student attends.   While this period of synthesization is crucial in becoming a black belt, it is interesting to reflect that the entirety of one’s knowledge of martial arts is dependant upon choices made prior to having actually begun the study of said martial arts.    To put it simply, as students at Aim High prepare to test for their black belts, they should take comfort in the fact that they have already passed one of the critical tests in their journey to become a martial arts practitioner– that is choosing a school that gives them the ability to succeed. 

Posted on August 21, 2014 .