FS- Serena Radona- Podcast~

So I'm here sitting at the keyboard, listening to this podcast that is here (http://www.aimhighma.org/podcast) and as I sit here semi-cringing at the sound of my own voice, I decided, "Hey, this is a good time to blog."

On such a dark topic of the podcast, I, in that situation, tried to make a bit light of the situation (but failed miserably). In my head, I thought I sounded so much different, but I was so quiet! I usually don't like to listen to my own voice because I don't like how it sounds or what I say, but since this was a pretty important podcast- I forced myself to listen to it. And it wasn't that bad when I was talking, even though I am a bit quiet. Although the whole entire time I was cringing at the sound of my own voice and jumping around whenever I said something weird. I'm not alone when I say this right? Like, am I the only one that can't stand the sound of their own voice? Or the only one that wants to facepalm whenever I say or pronounce something wrong? No? I'm the only one? Okay.

Go and check the podcast out if you haven't already! It's pretty good for my first podcast. (And can someone tell me that I'm not the only one that doesn't like their own voice? Like seriously, is that normal?)


Posted on August 19, 2014 .