FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog #30

Hello Ethos I'm very excited to finally start my 3rd and final leadership project this week. It's different from anything I've seen done before at Aim High. I like that I can help a whole different group of people we haven't thought of yet!

This week,I will meet with as many classes as I can to discuss my plan with everyone. I am collecting used eyeglasses for donation to people in need via the Lions program!  The Lion Club will clean,sort by prescription,package,and send out the eyeglasses to people that need them in developing countries worldwide. The World Health Organization says that 153 million people have some sort of vision problems that could be corrected with eyeglasses. The problem is that the people are too poor to buy the glasses!  I know what it's like to see with blurry vision,so I know that a lot of people will be very happy when they get to see crisply with those glasses! 

If anyone has old eyeglasses that you can donate, I have a box at the front desk at the studio. thank you in advance!

In other news,my 10,000 challenge is going very well. I will also easily hit the 200 acts of kindness in the next few weeks. However, I still have about 70 acts of environmental kindness to achieve. I will speak to everyone today for some ideas!  


Posted on August 18, 2014 .