FS- Riley E - #10

      So, I have been training a lot, too much actually. I had in my mind that I would be at the peak of my physical performance before the final test for 1st degree black belt. However, what I was doing was everything that I always say is bad for training. For example; the people who train really hard for the one game or event that is usually in the next few months and then they just slow down after that. Doing that type of training has a high risk of injury involved but it also can enhance quickly your gains if you plan it right. I never wanted to do that, because, I want to train for the rest of my life. I have taken a 2 week absence from Aim High because of pre-existing plans that I had in motion since a few years back. During this break period I have learned a lot about my goals and aspirations and refined my thinking on a few subjects. I realized that I have been over training and feeling the consequences of that. I was very stubborn and would ignore the pain and keep going, or if I couldn't do something (due to a training injury) I would get frustrated and further hurt myself by not stopping. This was due to the obsession that I would be at the peak by the last test for 1st degree.  During these two weeks I have been hiking through mountains, not running, but just moderately hiking. I realized I won't be at the peak, and frankly I don't want to peak before the black belt test. That would mean that I have no where else to go after that, something that I expressed in my thesis project, I had strayed from the path that I want to go on. The reason in which I wanted to get my black belt at Aim High, is because, I deeply respect the community and all that Aim High and it's participates contribute to the betterment of the world. I wanted to become apart of that, and then take it out into the world as I travel for a while after Aim High. Bearing their name to all the other schools of Martial Arts I will attend and visit afterwards. The black belt is not the end but just the beginning of when I truly start the journey to reach the peak of my physical performance. For now, I am going to try and balance, just like my diet but now also my training. When I return I will train smart but not overtrain, it will be a lot easier when my last semester in school starts so that I have a bit more things to occupy my time, rather than just exercising.

~ Riley E

Posted on August 11, 2014 .