FS Kaelan Reagan Blog 29/ Jits Saturday!

Hello Ethos,

This Saturday was a double workout for me. After our Ethos workout,I took part in the kids introduction to jiu jitsu class. I will write briefly about each.

The Ethos workout was once again a combination of exercises and learning and practicing drills. This week,I got to work out with two teammates that both take jiu jitsu. This helped me a lot. Both  BSBN Jessica  and Chelsea  helped me learn several techniques. Jessica gave me a few pointers about how to be able to be effective even though I have shorter legs. She also had us team up with people that were different sizes,because hey,what are the chances that if you ever get into a fight (or if you are matched up with an opponent) that they are the exact same size and weight as you?? I got to train with Matthew and Jordan. They are both much taller than me and they weigh more.It gave me a good idea of what it would be like to have a bigger person attack me on the ground. Chelsea gave me several good tips.She taught me a lot about having a better full mount position and how to use my hands better. Thank you very much to both of you for such great advice this class!

After workout was done,I sat down and got to have a bite to eat so I could regain my energy for the kids jiu jitsu seminar.As I said last week, my mom and I have discussed the possibility of joining jits after I achieve my first degree black belt. I'm not looking to quit fusion,but I'm looking to learn something different at the same time. There were three instructors,and I was put into Brandy's group. Over the course of the seminar,she taught four basic moves. I had already known a little about one of the moves,but since she really broke down the moves for us,I learned it even more.  I know that I will be able to improve my grappling in fusion classes because of this seminar. I know I plan to take the second seminar as well. After the seminar, I was pretty tired after two workouts. However, I thought it was interesting and fun. I can see myself taking another step toward jits,especially if Gracie Technics starts a kids program at Aim High!

Oh,and on a side note, My mom and I decided to bump up my daily home workout numbers so I will hit my 10,000 challenge in 10 weeks. Since it seems like we definitely aren't all on the same "official start week",I wanted to make sure I didn't have to panic and do crazy workouts that last few days to hit my goals. All of my numbers will end over 10,000!

It's going to be crazy hot tomorrow....stay cool,Ethos!


Posted on August 10, 2014 .