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Journal #24

            As each day passes I’m getting more and more pumped up for

Europe and the main thing that I’m trying to focus on is maintaining ways to solidly contact the people in case of an emergency or for any other important reason. It’s pretty vital that I do this mainly because I won’t be arriving in England right away so keeping that good communication back home will help make my independent adventure safe!

            My goal while I’m over there is to create a video blog

about my experience and to journal as much as possible so that the Ethos Team can stay connected with my overseas trip! I also challenged myself to try one new healthy British dish at least once every two or three days just so I can be better submersed in their culture! Anyways this was just a small journal of enthusiasm and as the days near to my trip I will do my best to keep my team posted!


July 8, 2014

Posted on July 8, 2014 .