FS- Kaelan Reagan #22/ Home workouts

Hello Ethos!

I've had very good workouts at home this last week. Not only am I focused on making sure I achieve my 10,000 challenges  with good techniques, but I've also put in time on the bag every day practicing my side and roundhouse kicks,to make sure I have better form. I have to make sure I'm getting enough rotation on my planted foot. Seems to be working out for me.

I've been practicing all of the forms in my backyard. Lots of room to move around,but it's definitely a little harder on grass than on the mats at the studio!

I'm really excited for this Saturday's phase test! As always,I'm still a little bit nervous, but I know I can and WILL do my best! I have the skills I need,I've put in a lot of extra time practicing,and I have amazing supporters! I hope that all of my extra work pays off for me Saturday morning!

Can't wait for Saturday!


Posted on July 8, 2014 .