FS- Kaelan Reagan #21/ Saturday workout

Hi Ethos!

    Last Saturday's workout was awesome! I had a really fun time participating in it.Even though running is something I'm still trying to get better atit was really cool.

As I've talked about before, I've always had a hard time with running,because of my breathing. The first part of the workout was hard for me.We did backwards Indian runs on the way to the first part of the workout. Then,we did sprints. I was trying to stay positive and work on my breathing. The more we ran,I felt like I was getting slower and I had a hard time concentrating on my breathing.

Lucky for me, I have amazing,supportive teammates that helped me the entire time. Special thanks to Zoe,Sam,and Jessica.

After all of the running,came the fun part! KJN surprised us by letting us play kick ball!I got to be one of the captains! It was fun to be able to relax a little and just have fun with everyone. Overall,I had a really great workout!


Posted on July 7, 2014 .