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15 Weeks

I marked the calendar today and what a shock - there are only 15 full weeks left of this black belt test. Wow. After these fifteen weeks we are in week 40 which is really final preparation. For most of us, even with the phase tests before us, if we aren't ready now we are not going to be.

Lets put 15 weeks into perspective:

It is 105 days.

It is 2520 hours.

It is 151,200 minutes.

In 15 weeks you can complete 3 college credits.

In 15 weeks a baby will be able to lift his/her own head.

In 15 weeks the football season is nearly over.

In 15 weeks your hair will grow almost 2 inches.

In 15 weeks you will be black belt!

BSBN Jessica

Posted on July 6, 2014 .