FS-Riley E-#9

       I have gotten a little discouraged again, however, this has happened a few times before. Where I take the time to drive to Aim High, living in forest grove it takes me about 25-33mins to get to Aim High. Sometimes upon arrival I realize that I can't train that day, since previously during the morning and afternoons I have been injured or my stomach or head has been not right. If I even feel a bit like I can push through it, I take the chance, though half the time it results in me having to tell someone I have to step off and come back another day. I understand that sometimes I am not in control of injuries that may happen due to training, and they take time for rest. However, since I have a bit more time on my hands since school is not in session I have been training a whole lot more. I wished to train more at Aim High, but to know that I will train for life I have to calm down and let myself heal. I hyper extended my elbow on sunday, due to a silly altercation with someone near my apartment. Then on Monday night, I bruised my knee pretty bad, as it swelled that night and continued on the next day. I pushed through wednesday's class, we had grappling and I made sure to not put any pressure on my knee. However, due to my own stubbornness in training I do not tell others of my injuries and just go about class to the fullest potential I can muster. The injury to my knee isn't severe and should clear up before special training, if I calm down and stop training through the pain. Have to remind myself, I train for life not just for that day, and optimal rest is essential for an active lifestyle. Even though my lifting schedule has been put in stand bye mode, I am a little happy due to the incident that caused my knee to swell. I have been tricking for a while at Impact, working on repetitions and getting my tricks clean, however, I noticed that I haven't been progressing as fast as I should. Mostly due to the thought that when I trick, I should be able to do a full leg workout the next day. On Monday I threw away all thoughts and got closer to tricks that before I had once been afraid to throw or thought were impossible for me to do. Now for future goals, I should throw away those thoughts but do it in a more calm matter and not go overboard like I did on Monday. I should also incorporate some more dynamic stretch routines on my own, just for a pre-caution to prevent any further injuries that may be caused by tricking. I am pleased where I am heading, yet there are always those times in which you need to slow down and remind yourself, that time is essential and time spent resting can help you progress faster than just going all out on turbo drive.

~ Riley

Posted on July 31, 2014 .