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Hello Ethos,
Today I brought in a donation for the collection at the Studio. I apologize it took us so long,but we actually wanted to go through the clothes in the garage to make sure we were donating good items in kid's sizes. BSBN Jessica asked us to blog about our donation,so let me tell you what came to mind.

This is definitely not the first time my family has donated to people in need. We used to always drop off clothes and other items to Goodwill.that is,until my mom did some research and found out that not very much of the profit from all the sales goes toward helping the people they say they are helping! That was actually confirmed by our neighbors,who actually both work for Goodwill. Instead,we bring our donations to a homeless shelter in downtown Portland. My mom Patty is the President of her employee club at work and she started a coat and warm clothes drive at her Costco last winter. She collected so much stuff that it filled the trunk of the car,the backseat and the passenger seat!! She said that the people are genuinely very thankful. My mom Kelly said that on a different drop off they did last year,two homeless men actually helped them unload the car and carry it all in. She said the y were very nice guys and thanked my moms a bunch of times.

The other person that popped into my head was the lady we saw at by the light on 185th by the 7-11. It was on Easter Sunday and we were coming home from my Aunt's house. My mom saw the lady and instead of heading home,pulled around and parked in the 7-11. She went up the hill to the light and talked to the lady. She gave her a couple of dollars and asked her if she had eaten. I guess the lady said "no". My mom came back to the car and opened the trunk. She gave the
Lady a bunch of our leftovers we brought home.She also gave her a big bag of fresh berries.my mom even ran in to the store and asked for a napkin and a fork and knife so the lady could eat properly. When my mom came back to the car,she actually got emotional and started to cry. She said that we just don't realize how lucky we have it,until we meet someone like that lady. My mom said when she was close to the lady,she could tell she was very sick. She had no hair under the handkerchief that she had on her head ,and her face looked really tired. My mom didn't ask her what was wrong,but my mom knew she wasn't just pretending. Mom said the lady was very nice and she was so so thankful for the food and for mom stopping to give her a few minutes.

I hope that you have all experienced something like I have. I hope you all get the chance to see just how food,water,fresh clothes and even a nice greeting can really affect a person. I hope you all get a chance to make a difference for a person,because you never know when that person will ever see kindness again.

Out of the dojo,into the community I go..


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Posted on July 30, 2014 .