FS- Riley Etheridge# 8

       So I need to read e-mails more carefully late at night. I thought we were still going to have special training even though there was not going to be as many people. Showed up pretty early, since its hard to wake up early in the morning. Read the e-mail again around 7:10am while at the doors of Aim High to realize my mistake, however, I did not want my energy to go to waste. The gym that is next to Aim High had a nice deal for a day pass so I went there. I have always driven past the gym when leaving Aim High and always wondering what kind of equipment it holds. From the outside looking in, I always judged it as a little primitive since the elliptical machines were always in view. To my surprise the gym was really, really nice. I trained there for the next two and half hours. Here is a breakdown of my exercise.  Warm up 4s10 Explosive Push ups, w/ 4s5 ring pull ups to upside down hold 8seconds  15mins Heavy Bag Boxing punch Combos  2mins non-stop hitting and kicking  8mins Foot work drills  40mins Free drills on Heavy Bag/Floor techniques emphasis-balance   The Boot camp class had to come in, so I had to leave.  Since my Elbow is still healing a bit from a training injury I went light on upper body.   8s5 flat dumbbell bench press with 40pounds   A 4s10 circuit of flat bench dumbbell flies with 10 pounds going slowly and feeling the stretch. Then 30 pounds of dumbbell pull overs.   Ab circuit for 8 sets doing vacuums. Rest for 20 seconds during the rest I did standing vacuums with diaphragm breathing, then sitting down and doing wide grip on the lat pull down machine with 110 pounds, however not using my arms but just my abs again and doing vacuums that way doing 8 reps each holding for 3 seconds at bottom. Repeat for 8 sets.   A short balance exercise on the cable machine, with 15 pounds, tie the ankle bracelet around and keep one foot always planted on the ground. The one with the cable attached to it goes back, as i stand facing the machine. Then facing sidewise towards the machine going out. So pretty much going each direction for 8 reps each of the weight pulling my leg back towards it. Only did this one set per movement and leg.  It was a good day, also running in the race was fun the next day. I enjoyed seeing a different part of beaverton that I have never been around. Looking forward to the next special training day.

~Riley E

Posted on July 28, 2014 .