FS Kaelan Reagan. 26/ Sun Run

Hello Ethos!

Today was awesome! Why? because today was the Beaverton Sun Run! I knew I was going to run a better 5k than I did at the Shamrock Run,because that was the first time I ever tried a 5k. I completed in Shamrock in 40:27. Today I completed the Sun Run in 34:55!!!!

I want to give a really big thanks to the entire team.Its nice to do runs like this as a big group. When Darius and I started to get everyone warmed up as a team,everyone quickly joined in and that's when everyone at the run knew we were a team! We should be proud of competing as a team.

I also need to give the biggest thank you to Darius' mom,Dana. She was my running buddy and stayed with me the entire run. She is really awesome at motivating me and keeping me focused. My breathing was a lot steadier and I slowed down and walked a lot less this time. Dana told my moms at the end of the race that she followed my lead and that I did much better than the first run. It was nice to hear and I know it made my moms very proud!

I hope that everyone had a good time at the run!
See you in class Monday!


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Posted on July 28, 2014 .